Thursday, February 20, 2014

Welcome Spring Semester!

Spring session has officially started and we are excited for all of you to come and join us this semester for all the exciting events and activities.

for more information, please visit our official CNSA Facebook page.
CNSA Facebook page

Monday, March 11, 2013

Class Competition Class Point Totals for February CNSA Events

TRI: 269
BASIC: 887
ADN: 40

ADN is in third, the reigning trimester champs are currently in 2nd, and basic has pulled ahead to 1st place after an overwhelming amount of pop tabs collected!!! Keep an eye out for other opportunities to earn your class points (see below)

Thanks for participating! It's only the beginning of March, the competition doesn't end until the first week of MAY!!! :) KEEP UP THE SCHOOL SPIRIT!

Breakdown of points by Event:
Valentine's Day Cards [5pts per CNSA member, 1 pt per non-CNSA]: Tri (31), Basic (28), ADN (10)

1st Semester Mixer [5pts per CNSA member, 1 pt per non-CNSA]: Tri (85), Basic (40), ADN (0)

Bowling Mixer[5pts per CNSA member, 1 pt per non-CNSA]: Tri (73), Basic (69), ADN (0)
Pop Tab Collection [100 pts per water bottle filled]: Tri (80), Basic (750), ADN (40)
-Dime Collection for UNICEF Walk for Water: give dimes to Class rep or drop off at Catherine Mullin's office in new nursing building. $1=40 days of clean water for one child. Due MARCH 29th
-Care Packages for the Homeless: This is also a class competition for CSULB Nursing Students! +1 per item donated (please see the following list for items needed)

-anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
-mini plastic waters
-face wipes
-feminine hygiene products

The following items are welcome to be donated but won't count as points:
-granola bars
-protein bars
-fruit snacks

Sunday, February 3, 2013

CNSA Activity Day

Join us for CNSA's First Activity Day!!

What you're getting yourself into: Hiking, bonding with classmates, beautiful ocean views, DE-STRESS, have fun, stay healthy & enjoy your Saturday with cool people. Expect to be back at the school by 2pm.
When: Saturday February 23rd
To carpool: meet @ nursing building parking lot @ 915am to get a ride or offer to drive
To meet up: be at the trail entrance by 10am 

Where: Burma Road Trails, Palos Verdes
Directions will be uploaded soon....

We plan to do an activity day once a month with activities such as: a beach day with beach volleyball/dodge ball/Frisbee, yoga in the park, etc.  Anything FUN to help us stay HEALTHY and FIT! :)


Spring Bowling Mixer


What: Bowling Mixer

When: FRIDAY February 15th!!! 7pm-9pm

Where: USU Bowling Alley at CSULB

11 Reasons WHY you should come:
1. It is FREE!
2. You will get to meet fellow CNSA members and classmates
3. It's a potluck 
4. ANYONE is invited...CNSA and NON CNSA members... yes, family and friends can come too :)
5. It's Cosmic Bowling
6. You can sign up for CNSA events or become a member
7. Everyone looks good in bowling shoes
9. CNSA is awesome
10. You're awesome and you need a break from nursing school to have fun! 
11. You will get CLASS COMPETITION POINTS for attendance!!!
SOLD. See you there!

Class competition:
+5 points per CNSA member
+1 point per non-CNSA member
EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS: Please view this link to sign up for an item to bring to the potluck.  If you are not an executive board member it is NOT necessary to bring food/drinks.

Here's a few pictures from our Fall 2012 bowling mixer if the FREE FOOD and FREE BOWLING didn't entice you...

1st Semester Student Mixer

Who: 1st semester students [AND upper classmen volunteers needed]

What: An opportunity for 1st semester students to chat with 2nd semester (or other upper classmen) students in the program about clinicals, professors, study tips and life as a nursing student.  Lunch will be provided as well :) 

When: THIS WEDNESDAY February 6th.  11am-1245pm

Where: The Soroptimist House

Why: 1st semester students will benefit GREATLY from this insightful and stress-reducing event.  Upper classmen will help their fellow students AND earn points for their class (see below)

Class Competition: Points will be awarded to upper classmen (does NOT include 1st semester) who volunteer at this event.  Please arrive early to help set up if necessary and stay after to sign in with Pia.
+5 points per CNSA member
+1 point per NON-CNSA member

This Mixer is always a success! So come join us
It's not this kind of mixer: 

It's THIS kind of mixer:


Can't WAIT to see you there and welcome you to the CNSA family!!!! :)

Make Valentine's Cards for Kids at Miller's

Who: Everyone in the nursing program AND a local Girl Scout Troop

What: Making Valentine's Day cards for the kids at Long Beach Miller's Children Hospital for Valentine's Day with a local Girl Scout Troop... oh and did I mention- the Girl Scouts will be selling COOKIES


Where: LEARNING CENTER (Glass Classroom)

Why: To bring joy and spread love on Valentine's Day to the kids at a local hospital who will not have the opportunity to exchange cards with their classmates at school.

Class Competition: Based on attendance
+5 points per CNSA member
+1 point per non-CNSA member

*sign in sheet will close at 630pm, please arrive before that time if you would like to receive class credit

Pop Tabs Collection for Charity

Who: Everyone!

What: Collecting Pop Tabs for The Ronald McDonald House in Long Beach 
Click this link to see how such a small thing can benefit such a great charity

When: Starts today and ENDS Sunday March 3rd!

Where: See your CNSA Class Rep who will have a 16 fl.oz. water bottle to collect Pop Tabs in OR place your POP TABS in your class water bottle [located in the new nursing building in front of Catherine Mullins' office window]

Class Competition Points: 100 points per bottle filled YES. ONE HUNDRED POINTS! 

*Plastic water bottles will only be counted if they are standard size, 16 fl.oz* 
*Due to Natalie Adame by Sunday March 3rd @5pm at CNSA meeting*


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

$301 Raised for Hurricane Sandy Victims

WOW! From the apparel sale last week and a $200 donation from the Growth & Development Committee from their Red Cross Disaster Preparedness event we raised a total of $301 to donate to The Visitation Church in New Jersey!!

What an amazing way to end our semester and bring a close to The Community Service Committee's Season of Giving!

From the community service committee and ALLLLL the people who will benefit from this donation in New Jersey...

Congrats TRIMESTER!!!!!!!!!!!

And the winner of CNSA's First Annual Battle of the Classes is....
TRI: 1953
BASIC: 1909
ELM: 24
ADN: 349

.>>>>PRIZE for 1st place: FREE FOOD IN THE LEARNING CENTER AT 12:15pm for Trimester Students!!! See you there :) <<<

Once again, I would like to thank each and every one of my classmates who participated in this class competition.  The idea started when I wanted a way for everyone to be as EXCITED about community service and helping others as I am.  Looking back, this competition helped bring joy to children living with cancer through Joy Jars, helped provide food to the hungry during Thanksgiving, gave school supplies to families who had experienced domestic violence, showed support for the battle against suicide, breast cancer and heart disease, and gave joy to children of abuse with a toy and gave a smile to children who will be spending the holiday season in the hospital.  All of these things mean more to me and those we helped than any amount of points can ever reflect.  I am so proud to be the community service director of CNSA where I am supported by the best committee made up of beautiful, selfless people and be part of CSULB's nursing program where I have such wonderful classmates who take their own time to give back to those who truly need it. AND I CANNOT WAIT to continue this class competition next semester!
Best xoxo,
Natalie Adame, Your Community Service Director



Sunday, November 18, 2012

CRNA Guest Speaker November 27th

Hey everyone!!!

We are having a CRNA come to speak at our school on Tuesday November 27th from 5-7pm. For those that do not know a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is an advanced practice nurse that is allowed to administer anesthesia either in collaboration with an anesthesiologist or in some instances independently.

If you are interested in learning more about the profession or what you need to do to become a CRNA please join us. Bring a list of questions you may have so that you are prepared and we can make the most of our time with our guest speaker.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please spread the word and tell anyone and everyone you know that is interested in learning about this rewarding profession.

Thank you,

CNSA Professional Growth and Development Committee

Monday, November 12, 2012

Date Changed for Merch Sale!! Dec 5th & 6th!!

UPDATED!!!!!! 1-4pm both days (December Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th in the Learning Center)
Purchase a CSULB Nursing water cup w/straw (various colors) and provide clean water to the families whose homes were destroyed and have no water supply.

Purchase a CSULB Nursing stethescope shirt to help clothe the victims who are suffering in the cold.

Purchase a syringe pen and you will help heal the hearts and souls of the victims of this national tragedy.

Why is this important? A former member of our staff & a close colleague  grew up in Lavallete, New Jersey and her mom's entire house was destroyed by 'Sandy'.

-55 people reported dead
-60 million people, 20% of the US population, on the east coast have been affected by this storm
 -The damage on the east coast is estimated at $50 Billion
-People were left homeless, without power, heat, a clean water supply, electricity... and then it SNOWED!
Here are some pictures to illustrate the devastation:

Money donations will also be taken at the apparel sale or can be given to your class reps through the end of the school year.  This isn't about class points, this is about restoring faith in humanity.

Thank you
~CNSA and your Community Service Committee

Toy Drive!!!! Nov 19-Dec 10th

Holiday Toy Drive
Nov 19th-Dec 10th

+5 points per toy
+1 point per wrapping paper roll
Toys should be: nonviolent, for infants to 17 year olds & new 

Toys will be donated to the 'For the Child' organization & the Long Beach Women's Shelter. Both of these amazing places provide a safe environment for the children of Long Beach who have been abused or have been in families where domestic violence forced their mothers to seek refuge.  If anyone needs a gift, it's them.  

Please donate what is appropriate for your budget and remember that even the smallest of gifts will leave a HUGE imprint on their lives this holiday season!


Infants&toddlers: balls, bath toys, baby board books, stuffed animals

Ages 3-12 years: Play-doh&accessories, balls, Barbie&Ken dolls, LegoKits, Puzzles

Ages 13+: bath gels&lotions, CSULB shirts/hats/sweatshirts, journals, slippers, headphones, journals 

All ages&family gifts: books, movies, playing cards, board games, art supplies 

See your class rep for more details!
Interested in delivering these toys to the organizations or helping them wrap gifts? Please contact Natalie Adame: